The Education of a Value Investor

The Education of a Value Investor

By: Guy Spier


In what I would call a semi-biographical philosophical book, Guy Spier does an excellent job explaining his journey to wisdom. He does an awesome job at story telling and inserting wisdom and the lessons he has learned during his lifetime. The book is a collection of the journeys that he has been on. He experiences so many things on this path, including attending Oxford AND Harvard, a job on Walstreet (his first job, one that that almost ‘led him off a moral cliff’), getting brainwashed by Tony Robbins, having lunch with Warren Buffet, surviving the 2008 recession, moving to Zurich, and playing bridge (and chess). All these experiences led him to learn something about life and himself. I encourage you to check out this book and learn with him. One of the key takeaways I got from this book was to create an environment that gets the best out of you.

Favorite Quote: “The truth is that it doesn’t matter how you do this inner journey. What matters is that you do it. Whichever route you choose, the goal is to be more self-aware, strip away your facades, and listen to the interior.”

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