Cows Save the Planet

Cows Save the Planet

By: Judith Schwartz


First off, sorry for the delay in between my postings! I recently got back to the states and between traveling, moving into a new apartment, and getting back into a groove at work I have not had much time to read… Anyway on to the review.

Cows Save the Planet (and other improbable ways of restoring soil to heal the Earth) is an excellent book that challenges main stream thought into how to probably solve the problem of climate change and environmental destruction in general. The first thing to keep in mind however, is that Mrs. Schwartz is a journalist and author, not a soil scientist herself. I think she has done a great job interviewing scientist and putting their ideas into words.

A couple main points of the book

  • the current mainstream agricultural system in the United States and abroad is environmentally detrimental and unsustainable.
  • Large herbivores (like cows) are an important part to healthy land management, she believes they should not be demonized they way current environmentalist paint them.
  • Carbon is not bad. It just needs to be put back into the soil, we are releasing too much into the atmosphere.

I think the main points of this book are spot on. I think more research needs to be put into soil science and hope that this book encourages funding for scientist seeking to learn more about soil biodiversity.

Favorite Quote: “A nation that destroys its soils destroys itself” Franklin D. Roosevelt

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