Blog Plan (NAAB)

***Whenever you see “NAAB” that means “Not About A Book”*** I’ve decided I’m going to periodically add more content to this blog. This additional content is just going to be whatever I feel like writing about , life, goals, current events, ect. Don’t worry readers, the predominant content of this blog will continue to be book reviews, and every post that’s not will contain the NAAB sticker so you can skip it if you’re not interested.

NAAB: Blog Plan

Today I want to talk about the reasons why I started this blog, and the plans I have for continuing it in the future. I want to give my readers and overall snapshot of what is going through my head. Let’s get to it.

Why: I started this blog for 3 main reasons. To discuss ideas about things I read with others, to work on my writing skills, and to obtain passive income.

Discuss Ideas: Scrolling through my Facebook feed one day and internally complaining about the lack of good content, I realized I could make a change. It seemed like everything was either an inflammatory political post, stupid meme, or scary news post. I was sick of it. I thought “Facebook has such a huge potential, we can talk about ideas with people located anywhere in the world, and most of us can reach hundreds of people, yet everything seems so stupid and angry. I’m going to change that.” I decided to do that with book reviews.

Writing: If you haven’t noticed my grammer and writing is not good. *grammar* I’m working on that. I thought this blog would be an excellent way to force myself to practice. Hopefully you will notice improvement going forward.

Passive Income: I also thought this would be an excellent way to earn some passive income. Good money management is important to me and I also have a tad bit of entrepreneurial spirit running through my vain. I hope to eventually add affiliate links as a way to monetize this blog in the future. I promise not to turn this into a click bait site filled with adds. But I think an amazon link to a book I reviewed could be beneficial to me and the reader.

Steps to my Blog Plan.

  1. Content: Before I do anything else, this blog needs more content. Due to my busy schedule I have not been reading as much as I want. I will try to maintain 1 post every 2 weeks until I graduate college, then up it to a book a week.
  2. Traffic: Next will be building traffic. This is one area I have no experience in. I think possibly Facebook advertisements. Until I have about 50 post, I’m not even going to worry about this step. If any of you have experience adding website traffic, let me know.
  3. Monetize: Once I have enough email subscribers and Facebook page likes (exact numbers undecided) I will start to add affiliate links.

So that’s it, now my why and how I plan to get there. Thanks for reading. – Jacob

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