Outlearning the Wolves

Outlearning the Wolves

By: David Hutchens


This little gem was recommended by my father. I have to admit the old man gets one right every now and again. Outlearning the Wolves is a short story that teaches about the importance of life-long learning.

The story follows a flock of sheep who have been plagued by loss from wolves for as long as they’ve been around. The sheep passively accept this sad reality as a way of life. That is until Otto the Sheep decides enough is enough. He encourages his fellow flock mates to think harder about the problem. You’ll have to read the book yourself to see if Otto’s dream of a wolf attack free world comes true.

This book can be, and has been used in the classroom as well as the workplace. The stories simple plot is easy to follow, allowing both high office executives and kindergartners to follow along. Wisdom in story form should be valued highly, and that’s why I would put this book at the top of your reading list.

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