Letters to a Young Farmer

Letters to a Young Farmer

By: Multiple Authors


This is probably one to the most inspirational books on the topic of farming I’ve ever read. I highly encourage anyone within the field of agriculture to read it.

This book is a collection of letters from people within the organic/local food movement. Over 35 people contributed to this book and it includes farmers, authors, chefs, educators and more. Two of the authors have already been featured in this blog, Wendell Berry and Joel Salatin.

Wendell Berry reading one of his poems

Ever since I read “You Can Farm” in high school I’ve wanted to be a farmer. However, that is not an easy task considering land cost, start up cost, and the food landscape right now. With chain groceries at every turn, it can be difficult for the small farmer to turn a profit and make a living. This book wants to encourage others to change that. It will be difficult, but it’s necessary if we want a healthy environment and healthy food for us and our children in the future.


Even if you have no interest in farming, check this book out. It can open the door to a whole new way of thinking about food. Eating is an agricultural act, something that everyone does. If not farming, you can support this movement by becoming a customer at your local farmers market.

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