Flight Season

Flight Season

By: Marie Marquardt


I read Flight Season by Marie Marquardt for Rachel Madl of rachelmadl.com. This novel was one of very current and sensitive subject matter. The story follows Vivi, a college student who is home for the summer after her father passes away. Vivi is at a crossroads in her life knowing that her summer internship in St. Augustine, Florida is the only thing that will ensure she is able to continue her studies at Yale University in the fall. Vivi meets TJ, a nurse’s assistant in nursing school, during her summer internship at the hospital. TJ and VIvi have an interesting friendship that becomes even more interesting when they are assigned to work with Ángel, one of the hospital’s most difficult patients. The three of them become extraordinarily close and form an unbreakable bond. Ángel teaches Vivi and TJ about life and love, and how they will lead such better lives if they let love guide them instead of letting it get in their way.

Marquardt does a beautiful job telling a story of friendship, loss, and love. I enjoyed her simple and enjoyable story telling throughout the novel. She has set up the book in a way that tells the story through Vivi’s, TJ’s, and Ángel’s perspectives. Readers get the opportunity to read what each character is going through and feeling through their own voice and words.

Flight Season has a storyline in it that brought out hard emotions in me due to the relevancy it holds in today’s world. The struggles the characters are facing are struggles that so many Americans are facing right now. Marquardt’s writing tells a side of this issue that we don’t hear in American media. This part of the book was refreshing, eye-opening, and emotional.

Mostly, I loved that this book was focused on healing and how to cope with tough situations. Vivi is going through many different types of loss in this story, and the way it is written can help readers know how to handle themselves in similar situations.

A unique aspect of this book was that Vivi was somewhat of a bird scholar. There are beautiful illustrations of birds throughout the book that provide a different sense of entertainment for the reader. The birds come into play in a deeper way in the story that I won’t spoil for you here.

I’d recommend this book to anyone, but especially those who are going through a tough time or those who are at a crossroads in their life. I am looking forward to reading more of Marquardt’s work and getting to read her lovely words and see her amazing character development in a different story.

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