Burnt Face

Burnt Face

By: Annette Swann


I’m back! It has been a few weeks since you’ve heard from me. I’ve been absent for a couple reasons…

  1. I’ve been studying for a big test at work. I passed last Thursday!
  2. I started a new project; documenting my garden on YouTube! Check out my channel Grow Healthy Gardens

Annette Swann’s auto-biography chronicles her journey from being scarred in a freak-accident during her childhood, to growing into a young woman. The book is the first self-published book we’ve done on this blog. I wasn’t totally impressed with the book, but it had some good qualities. I want to note here that the adversity Swann faced throughout her life was much greater than my own. Her ability to overcome it should be an inspiration to everyone. However, I don’t believe she is that great of an author. The slang in the book can make reading confusing at times, but this is to be expected because the author is from a different generation and country. She is from Australia and I’m from the US.

When she was 9 years old she sustained burns over most of her face and upper torso due to a reckless person trying to light a grill. It sends her to the hospital for about a month. I found this portion of the book the most interesting. Listening to her stories about her bonding with other kids in the burn unit, and one special nurse was heartfelt. The pain she endured was incredible, and I sympathized with her a great deal.

However, as the story continues I begin to lose sympathy for her. Her teenage years are filled with mischief and adventure. Some of it isn’t any worse than what most teenagers do; sneaking out of the house and smoking cigarettes. That helps the story, because you want to see her as a normal teenager, which is what she desperately wants for herself as well. But then it gets much worse; a group of boys she hangs out with handcuffs a girl to a light post and take turns touching her boobs; she eagerly watches a gang fight; one of the friends in her group pits other girls against one another; and a guy in her gang beats up an old person for the fun of it… So, by the end of the book I didn’t really like Annette anymore.

I guess you could say she was an onlooker for most of it, but still. It’s just wasn’t that easy to like her. The book ends on a good note at least. I won’t spoil it if you decide to check it out, but I don’t recommend it.

Over and Out,


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