Your Successful Farm Business

Your Successful Farm Business


By: Joel Salatin

Joel Salatin’s books always fill me with a renewed motivation to fulfill my ultimate goal of owning a small farm. This is the second Salatin book reveiwed on this blog, the first being “Family Friendly Farming“. His latest book dives into subjects like profitability, marketing, design, and attitude. I would describe his writing style as informative and entertaining. The ability to use stories to market products and drive home points is uncanny. He firmly believes the art of storytelling is the best way to learn, an idea reinforced by the book “Outlearning The Wolves“.


One of the things I admire both about Joel and his work is his integrity. He commits to his values in an astonishing way most of us don’t. He does what he does because he firmly believes in caring for God’s creation. He believes in treating his creatures with respect and kindness. He also holds firm to his ideals of sustainable agriculture in what he practices every day. I consider him a role model because despite of his humility to admit his own mistakes and strive to always be better.

This latest book talks about methods in insuring your farm remains sustainable, both environmentally and economically. Joel holds the uncommon beliefe that we do not have to sacrifice our economy for our environment, or vice versa. We just have to change our vision and behaviors.


It can seem as if this book contains advice from both a wise old saint and a silicon valley entrepreneur. That’s just the kind of person Joel is.

The first chapters contain advice about starting you’re farm. Living frugally is a mantra he firmly believes small farmers must live by in order to make it. Three whole chapters of the book are dedicated to the why, where, and how of direct marketing. The final chapter is dedicated to new opportunities. Always an entrepreneur, Salatin’s advice about multiple income streams is very important. The unique and creative ideas prove that he’s not the anti-technology heretic he’s sometimes accused of being.

All in all the is a solid book with lots of healthy advice. If you’re planning on starting a small farm in the future I highly recommend you check it out.

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